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Whatever you are looking to get fit, to improve your parkour or to learn some new skills, the private session is designed to help you go through your fitness journey. It is tailor around your realistic goal. I provide birthday party as well as corporate team building day.

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Be More Human


During the 1-1 session, we will be looking at improving your technical skills as well as your physical. Each session is tailored to each individual, making it unique. Whatever you want to work on your cat-pass or your wallrun, I will work around your need.

Kid or Adult and no level required.


Defy Gravity


Calisthenics has a variety of complex movement, from push up to muscle up. If you are looking to increase bodyweight power and strength this session is for you!


Discipline And Goals


With a professional approach to fitness, we will be together designing a safe and effective fitness program that suits you. Coaching that allows you to understand how to properly execute movements, getting the most out of the training while avoiding injuries.

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