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Whether you aim to enhance your fitness, improve your parkour skills, or acquire new abilities, the private sessions are designed to guide you through your fitness journey. Customized to align with your realistic goals, these sessions cater to individual needs. Additionally, I offer services for birthday parties and corporate team-building events.

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Be More Human


In our one-on-one sessions, the focus is on enhancing both your technical and physical skills. Each session is uniquely tailored to the individual, ensuring a personalized approach. Whether you're working on your cat-pass or wall run, the sessions are adapted to your specific needs. Suitable for both children and adults, with no prerequisite skill level. Additionally, small private group sessions are available.


Defy Gravity


Calisthenics encompasses a range of intricate movements, from push-ups to muscle-ups. If you aim to enhance bodyweight power and strength, this session is tailored to meet your goals.


Discipline And Goals


Employing a professional approach to fitness, we collaboratively design a safe and effective fitness program tailored to your needs. Through coaching, you gain a comprehensive understanding of proper movement execution, maximizing the benefits of training while mitigating the risk of injuries.

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