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My name is Kevin Francomme, a highly experienced Parkour Coach currently residing in London, bringing over a decade of expertise to the field, accompanied by two decades of personal practice. My professional journey encompasses collaboration with various esteemed institutions, including Haberdashers Free School in Peckham, The New School in London, and Solefield School in Sevenoaks.

As a certified Level 2 Parkour Coach and Fitness Instructor, I offer a diverse range of training modalities, specializing in Parkour, Strength & Conditioning, and Calisthenics. Additionally, I facilitate tailored programs for various age groups at Dulwich College Sports Club and Kemsing School, fostering physical development among both children and adults.

My instructional approach revolves around the holistic development of individuals, aiming to challenge them to explore diverse movement patterns, adapt to their surroundings, reconnect with their inner child, and cultivate innovative thinking. My approach extends beyond physical training, addressing mental challenges, aiding participants in conquering fears, and fostering resilience.

A distinctive feature of my teaching methodology is the integration of playfulness into the sessions, fostering an environment that is not only physically demanding but also enjoyable and engaging. This approach caters to individuals of all ages and proficiency levels, ensuring a dynamic and enriching experience for each participant.


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